Do you want to grow your business, increase your revenue and build a relationship with your customers? So did I….

My name is Shopi Soponyai (check out my LinkedIn), the founder of Shopographic. The past decade I have been living overseas in New Zealand and working mainly within the service industry. Beside my day to day job, I have been in a position where I was able to use and develop my skills and further educate myself about photo & videography. That’s where my passion lies.

Three years ago I have been running operations at a golf resort in one of the most beautiful places on earth, called Matarangi, New Zealand. Beside the overall management, I was also responsible for all the sales and marketing activities of the resort and spent a huge amount of time combining my skills that I gained to grow the business. Success was great and within a year numbers started showing the results. My dream was to repeat this with my own business one day.

My brother joined forces with me in New Zealand and we started working on various projects while working full time in our everyday jobs. It was tough but hard work paid off. The opportunity rose to relocate to Costa Rica and continue what we loved doing the most beside traveling. So we made a huge decision gave everything up (literally), put our belongings in to 5 bags, one of which was only my photo equipment and started our new adventure in Central America.

In early May after about 12 years overseas, I came back to Hungary. Seeing the huge impact social media and online marketing had in my previous job, I knew it was time I helped other companies do the same and started my own agency that now helps small businesses with providing solutions for their online platforms.

As a business owner it isn’t always easy to manage your website and your social media accounts. I understand the importance of focusing on your business. By allowing us to provide you the services and expertise needed to grow your business and increase sales you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about advertising.