Portrait photo – Behind the lens

One night I watched an inspiring documentary about Platon who is an amazing portrait photographer. The next morning I woke up and said… I got to try this. I setup all my gear and started adjusting the lights… this was my setup. I have used a 50mm lens at f9 […]

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Makery in the making

Recently I had the pleasure to meet the cool manager and stuff at Budapest Makery. They had already started to make their cooking videos with someone else and because that project cooled off they needed someone to pick up the tread. I had to basically follow the style that was […]

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Boruca Tribe – Art Exhibition

We have joined Royner the owner of Kakü Restaurant in Uvita to visit the Boruca people. The Boruca are indigenous people living in the Talamanca mountains in the Puntarenas region. The Boruca are known for their art and craftwork, especially weaving and their distinctive painted balsa wood masks, which have […]

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