Makery in the making

Recently I had the pleasure to meet the cool manager and stuff at Budapest Makery. They had already started to make their cooking videos with someone else and because that project cooled off they needed someone to pick up the tread. I had to basically follow the style that was […]

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Spring promo video shooting

At the time of shooting the photo series for promoting the golf resort in March we have been recording some videos as well. Beside the photos, we needed to create a short video for the golf course for their upcoming promotion for winter. The initial idea was to feature the highlights of […]

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On location cooking

We were making a film for promoting the golf course’s restaurant. Instead of filming in the kitchen we decided to film the golf resort’s Head Chef Scott Corbett while preparing a yummy Autumn dish on location with fresh seafood and vegetables. We used three cameras in the production and a series of lighting […]

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