An open letter to business owners

Dear Business Owner.

You probably hear it all the time – “Your business needs marketing.”

The trouble is that marketing is a vast subject. And because every single business case is different, there is no one fits all magic solution. So how would you, the business owner, know which marketing area would benefit your business?

Everyone tries selling us the idea that our marketing lacks the right tool, hack, and “solution” to generate customers/money.

You probably already have heard the advice:
“You must keep posting daily on social media.”
“You need TikTok ’cause it is hot right now.”
“You have to advertise on Facebook.”
“Without a logo, do not even start.”
“Produce high-quality content.”
“You need the right funnel to convert buyers.”
…and so on

Here is the cold truth, though!

Though all of the above is marketing, none is essential to your business to generate sales.

Because what your business need is its’ foundations built well. Everything else is irrelevant before the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals? – you might ask.

A well-functioning website and a well-optimised Google Business profile are that. These two, when done well, can generate new customers, hence revenue for years to come. These tools require minimum effort, and they are free.

Why does no marketer tell you this?

Because to understand YOUR business and see where you want to take it, a good marketer needs to spend time with you.
Before ANY marketing advice, marketers should listen, not talk. Period.

It is what we do here with Digital Renovation. We listen, audit, suggest, and then build solid foundations.

If you are interested and want to know more about Digital Renovation, go back to the home page and read the details. I am happy to be in touch through email or phone.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter.