Much of your potential customer’s decision is based on the photography your website presents. Discover why photography is a crucial investment for your hotel business.
People tend to pay a lot more attention to visuals then anything else these days, hence platforms such as Instagram that is founded on stunning imagery, blew up in the last couple of years. Does your images encourage people to book immediately or does it leave them hesitating whether to book, or not? 

According to Hospitality Net, after price, photography plays the most important factor for travellers before making a decision. Studies also carried out by the ROI MANAGER MODULE have shown that the photo gallery sections of a website receive an average of 97,6% of “clicks” by visitors who book online. In some hotels (mostly in cities,) this rate was around 78%.
We want to give you a few tips on how you can improve your business with high-quality photos. Hotels should have the following areas photographed:
  • Guest rooms. Highlight the best part of your guest rooms. You do not need to think big, little details do count. You want to make sure images are clean and inviting. Highlight recent upgrades.
  • Dining areas. A lot of people appreciate the fact that they can eat on site. Especially breakfast and dinner. Hotels should make a point with their images that such services available on site. Feature if your hotel is a popular spot not just for hotel guests but for locals to eat too.
  • Amenities. Tennis court, pools, parking, gyms, spas etc anything extra you have to offer worth capturing.
  • Meeting space. You have to draw people’s attention to the meeting space you have. Different setup pictured help future businesses to visualise what they are trying to do at your venue. 
  • Recreation. Do you have horse riding, golf, walking tracks or other features around your property? You want to make sure these captured too and advertised on your site to get more attention.
Do not forget photography on other travel sites.
You are probably working with OTAs. You also want to make sure all photos OTAs have are updated to the current high quality photos you have on your website and social media.

Conclusion: good branding and marketing begins with effective imagery. 

Professional help needed to capture your property. You need someone who really can sit down with you and understand your brand. And most of all, what you want to achieve with your online presence is to answer the question to the viewer “what’s in it for me?”

Our agency, Costa Rica Creativa has years of experience within the hospitality industry and can help business to elevate their imagery to the next level. We would love to hear from you on Facebook at Shopographic.