We have spent 3 days with the owner in order to shoot photos about his whole complex that includes a bowling alley, a small pub, a garden, accommodation, and an events hall. We have worked for a full day with all the people he invited to play the role of models, aka. be present as guests on their photos.

Working and controlling about 20 people involved serious planning especially because I had no assistance. I was by myself shooting and organising. On the first day, I went around and planned all the angles we are going to capture on the photos. I have made a list of the locations and allocated the people who need to be involved. These are the images below that I have captured to feature all the amenities of the property:


These are the images I have taken about the accommodation they provide.


I have taken some portrait photography of the owner.


They offer their property for events too. Occasionally they have weddings, dinners, and conferences.  With these images we wanted to capture what this property is capable of hosting. Here are some of my interior photography.


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