I have built the full online presence for Bulizznalunk.hu. They had a registered company and wanted to sell their services online. They had no social media presence and did not even want to deal with one so I have created the online foundations for this business. Meaning I have done their website, their full google my business profile setup, and their logo. This was a year ago. Tonight, I called the owners to follow up, how things are going, they replied:

“man, we have shitloads of inquiries coming in”

This is how the work started last year. Since they had nothing I have created a quick fun logo for them that is playful, aims at the younger generation, and also refers a little bit to party life. This is what it looks like.


This is the website, just click on the image below:


Since they had no social media, they had no chance of generating additional traffic to their site on a daily basis. They had two options. One, we create a Google Ads campaign, and two, we SEO the website so Google can send traffic from people searching on the internet. In the beginning, our Ads campaign was semi-successful due to all the cancellations the lockdown caused so eventually we stopped spending money on Google Ads. Currently only SEO and all the Google settings generating traffic.

Here you can see the Google My Business setup and Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup and some results showing.

In this image, you can see the traffic result from the last 3 months.  One can easily see there is hardly any social media traffic, and the organic traffic source, meaning people finding the site with Google searching is outstanding.


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