Our very first video project together. We had to shoot a one minute promo video for the golf course in order to prove the quality of the work we produce. No doubt about it, we are quite pleased with the result.

A short project in Vienna. The Waves Vienna – Music Hackday Event have been shot and produced by us in October 2015.

A promo video for the golf course whom was introducing home made lemonade in their restaurant for the summer of 2015.

A short video for promoting the head chef and the restaurant in The Coromandel in New Zealand. Freshly foraged ingredients, cooking on a BBQ on location in a nice sunny day.

Winter package promo video for the golf resort intending to attract more guest for the quite season in June-July. Featuring a couple whom enjoying all the attractions of the region and the golf course.

This video have been shot and edited in a very short time. We only had limited time to retouch it and managed to put it on screen for the players to watch after the tournament.

Intro video to one of the superior accommodation unit that The Dunes Golf Resort has to offer to its’ guests. We managed to have made all the shots within a day (thank god to the stunning weather) and put this nice 2 and a half minute video together.

Kaku Seafood Restaurant was shut for about two weeks in November for renovations. We made a quick video for their re-opening promotion. We worked together with the bartender to get these scenes captured.

Sibu Cafe is located in downtown Uvita. Watch their delicious Moccachino in the making. Be sure to pop in for a coffee next time 🙂

Short video introducing Pura Vida Gym in Uvita that features activities and programs in the place.

We went out for the day to setup all the different screens for Airscreen Costa Rica. They wanted to have some material for their own website, photos and videos.

During our time in Uvita, we get to know Beny and made friends with him. We created a short video in which he speaks Hungarian (though he is Cuban but lives in Hungary for more than 20 years) and tell his story about how life was in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

Last year, amongst many things we have been lucky enough to live in Costa Rica for half a year and do jobs like this. This is a short video about one of the projects we did with my brother over there. The video features the production of the lifestyle images we captured for Axiom development group to showcase the lifestyle one can live on their real estate in paradise (aka. in Costa Rica).