Webshop building for Tao Noodles in Budapest.

A multi-lingual website was built for my client in Budapest who opened a restaurant. For this Asian-style restaurant, we built a website where they could display all the relevant info about the place.

Building a “standard website” for less money is pointless. The point of a website for a client is that when people find it from any traffic sources, they see the foundations of the brand and the business the way that business can represent these in an online form. The other reason for a website is so that people who search things online will find these websites because the site is set up in a way that search engines actually find relevant to that search query and will show it to the viewer. Without this (SEO – search engine optimisation), all those “standard” websites are absolutely pointless unless the business has an extremely awesome traffic generating source.

This website that I have built has had all the relevant Google tools connected with such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google My Business.

A well optimised website combined with a well optimised Google My Business account is essential nowadays for a business to generate more eyeballs to the business a.k.a. more traffic of potential customers.

This is the webshop.


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