Recurring Content Photography


Help you to boost your content quantity and quality.

If you do not need regular content that you could share on your social media e.g.: about your place, about your menu, about your colleagues or simply to introduce your business in general, then this product is not for you.

In our eyes you do not have a problem hence you do not need our help twice a month.


You will get 2 photography sessions per month and we will come roughly in every two weeks. In one month you will receive a minimum of 20 high quality images about your business. Please Note! The above 60,000Ft price is for 1 month. Minimum term of 3 months contract apply with this product.

In case of a special requested project this price does not include our setup fee.

This Recurring Content Photography product can include:

  • business portrait photos (eg.: managers, staff portraits in their work environment),
  • object photography (eg.: food and drink, tools that are used),
  • work processes, life moments, moody images,
  • location introduction photos (eg.: meeting space, event halls, interiors, exteriors, hotel rooms, bar, lobby, environment).

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