Specialty Business Photography


You will receive stunning pictures and also can learn how to take awesome photos at the same time.

If you do not want to learn how to use your own phone or camera to take stunning photos about your business that you could use on your social media or on your website then this product is not for you.




We will go to take photos for you and we will also work with you and teach you at the same time how to do quality photos with your own equipment.

We go -> We shoot together -> We teach you how to do it -> We spend 6 hours together -> You can end up with double amount of images.

The aim is: next time you will not need us!

Please Note! You will receive a minimum of 20 professional pictures from us and you will have your own pictures too.

This Specialty Business Photography product can include:

  • business portrait photos (e.g.: managers, staff portraits in their work environment),
  • object photography (e.g.: food and drink, tools that are used),
  • work processes, life moments, moody images,
  • location introduction photos (e.g.: meeting space, event halls, interiors, exteriors, hotel rooms, bar, lobby, environment).

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