Website Optimization (Onsite SEO)


Building a website was the first step. The purpose of Onsite SEO that your customers will find your website on the internet. This is where Onsite SEO will help your business. Our relationship will start and finish with a consultation. The purpose of the initial consultation is to get to know your business as much as we can. With that information, we carry out a targeted and effective market research to build a customised SEO package for your website that will be used to help your potential customers to find your business online. At the end of our work, we will sit down again where we teach you how to carry on from here, because the most effective SEO continues with constant attention.



This package only available with our ”Mobile-friendly webdesign” product or ordered separately only for WordPress sites:

Package contains:

✅ One hour consultation / information gathering
✅ Internet market research / keyword research
✅ Copy check and editing and keyword integration
✅ Copy editing for posts, products and pages (titles, headers included only)
✅ Metadata check and configuration
✅ Image optimisation
✅ Connecting to Google: Analytics, Adwords, Search Consol
✅ Additional consultation / training in order to ensure adequate SEO maintenance

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