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Marketing & Design for Hospitality Businesses

We help mainly hospitality businesses show up on Google's first page.

We build your business’ online foundations, like your Website, Google Business Profile and SEO, to your current marketing goals (set up in a month).

Do you lack either of these?
1. Search engine optimisation.
2. A well-functioning website.
3. A well-optimised Google Business Profile.
If so, you are losing potential revenue.
Request an audit and find out.

For businesses who want solid online foundations for their digital marketing

Website, SEO and Google Business Optimisation

Does your website not deliver to your expectations?

The website does not function like you, the business owner would expect. Do you want a well-functioning website?

Is your business not showing up in Google searches?

Your website should appear when relevant customers search online. Do you want to show up for specific searches on Google?

Do you want to optimise your Google Business Profile?

A well-optimised Google Business Profile should bring in local traffic and more sales. Do you want to show up more on Google Maps?

Is it for you at all?

Are you a business owner fully committed to up your own marketing?

We only work with:
Decision makers in a business

Business owners, managers, or people that are decision-makers in a business.

The primary goal:
Having solid foundations online

Let's put the basics in place and build the marketing for your business from the bottom up.

Work length:
It can last up to 4 to 8 weeks

The first stage is done in a month. Work length depends on the client's requirements.

The client's inputs is a must

You have to have 1-2 hrs/week to work on specific tasks with me. It might only be a meeting call.


The bottom-up marketing approach

Before anything else, marketing your business must start with the basics online that match your goals.

We start with the basics. We like free and creative marketing solutions that are unleveraged by most businesses. We optimise those for you and teach you how to maintain your best position.


Why are we focused on the basics?

Your website and Google Business Profile.

Your website with SEO and your Google Business Profile are the basics for your business online. Whatever marketing you are doing or planning to do, you must optimise these for your latest goals with your business.


Why is your website and Google Business Profile essential?

A website and Google Business Profile that you optimise to your marketing goals will work for you for free and for years.

These will generate free, organic traffic to your business online. And you can convert part of your increased free traffic into new sales.

The more attention you generate, the more revenue for your business.

Service that your business will receive

We look at your business online. We find issues and help you build, fix, and update those together.

We help businesses to appear in front of their customers online. What people see and visually experience about us on the internet matters. Today, more than ever. 

We run a general audit of your business online. Then we make suggestions for areas that need improvement, and if required, we do the work. Let’s build, fix, or update your online presence.  

You will receive a customised solution aligned with your actual goals in marketing. 

1. Get A
Business Audit

2. Receive

3. Let's Work
On The Problems

An open letter to business owners

Dear Business Owner.

You probably hear it all the time – “Your business needs marketing.”

The trouble is that marketing is a vast subject. And because every single business case is different, there is no one fits all magic solution. So how would you, the business owner, know which marketing area would benefit your business?

Everyone tries selling us the idea that our marketing lacks the right tool, hack, and “solution” to generate customers/money.

You probably already have heard the advice:
“You must keep posting daily on social media.”
“You need TikTok ’cause it is hot right now.”
“You have to advertise on Facebook.”
“Without a logo, do not even start.”
“Produce high-quality content.”
“You need the right funnel to convert buyers.”
…and so on

Here is the cold truth, though!


How it works

We audit your website and Google Business Profile and determine areas that need optimisation. If you require, we fix, build or update what’s lacking, and for handover, we teach you best practices to maintain your position.

We kick off the project by asking you to fill out a short form. To perform an online audit we will need some information, e.g.: your website address, and Google Business Profile info.

Request an audit

Following the audit we then do our own research and have a discovery call with you to understand your business better and where you want to take it.

We map out strategic solutions to match the online marketing foundations to your business goals.

We help you build, fix, or update what is needed to have solid foundations online.

At the end of the project we will give you clear instructions on how you can carry on to maintain the set direction.

About me

Hi, I am Shopi. Hospitality Marketing Specialist.

Author of a this Marketing Blog, Marketing Designer, Website Builder and Photographer. A Digital Renovator at Shopographic, eater of a happy life on earth.

Previously lived as an event-, restaurant, and hotel manager (LinkedIn); parallel to that, I was self-educated to become a business photographer, graphic designer, and digital marketer.

It does not matter what I say; action counts more than words. Read what my clients say. See all feedback on my social channels, or you can check out the quality of my work.


On LinkedIn, I share my content more on the professional side.


On Instagram, I share professional content but in a lighter form.


On Youtube, I share all the interviews and professional videos I made.

Clients say about me

on Google or on Facebook

"We have worked on several projects, he is an excellent professional with great knowledge of marketing! He has done professional photography at several sites and has put together some great websites for us. Highly recommend him!"
Capital Estates Kft. - Parcontrol Hungary Kft. - Managing Director
"Real visual guru! A professional in the tourism industry who prepares visual accessories to support marketing, taking into account the habits of guests. It can help you in your photo, video, website or community media apps. We have worked together several times, I can only recommend it!"
Tamas A.
Hotel Marketing Professional
"Excellent services. For both designing a website and having some professional photos taken. I can only speak highly about Zsolt who makes sure that clients are fully satisfied and being looked after. Thank you."
Training Unity - Owner
"Shopi is an incredibly creative photographer and designer! He would always look at the subject from various perspectives. I had a privilege to work with him during the photoshoot in Matarangi in New Zealand at the promotion video. He knew exactly what he wanted to show and what I, as an actor, should do. Great personality, great communication, high standards, very professional, endless ideas and a good soul 🙂 I highly recommend his services!!"
Freelancer and Photographer

A client wrote about my services

"During the time of its preparation, the communication, personal attitude, was precisely professional in every respect. I can only recommend it to anyone who value creative and high quality results."
Attila L.
Fit20 Chiswick Studio Onwer

Services your business can get

No two jobs are the same.

  • Initial consultation sessions
  • Keyword research
  • Website search optimisation
  • Website building or website re-make
  • Google Business Profile Setup and/or Optimisation
  • Google Search Console Setup and/or Optimisation
  • Google Analytics 4 Setup and/or Optimisation
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • 1 Google Ads Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Management and/or Optimisation*
  • (*Existing Campaign Management)
  • (*Additional Campaigns on request.)
  • 30 custom-made stock photos
    created about the business for the business (with lifestyle, mood, action, environment, product, employee photography).
  • Logo (re-)design,
  • Typography- colours definition,
  • Imagery- layout- structure suggestions on the website,
  • Social media presence optimisation,
  • Core marketing message definition,
  • Call To Action’s alignment across online platforms,
  • Links page set up and important measurable links added.

Prices are in NZD.